Natural Ingredients Percentage

Natural Ingredients Percentage

Know what you're putting on your skin

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How natural is natural?

We are committed to harnessing the power of natural ingredients to deliver effective, high quality skincare and wellness products. We strive to use as many natural ingredients as possible.

However, we recognize that any water-based product has a risk of growing bacteria, which can be harmful to the skin. We include a small amount of safe preservatives in some of our products to help stabilize the natural ingredients. This ensures that the products will have a longer shelf life, so you can enjoy using our products for longer without worry.

About our fragrances

We use 100% natural essential oils and natural fragrance oils to add fragrance to some of our products. The natural fragrance oils we use are naturally-derived with a trace amount of synthetically made components. They are completely safe to use and phthalate free.

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